Mr. Leroy Boren and his employees have demonstrated an incredibly high level of service, with organization, proactive schedules, and an equally high standard of professionalism. We have just started planning for the remodel.

We were introduced to Boren Construction through our architect, working on a major kitchen remodel. At our second meeting, he came already prepared with charts, diagrams, and work schedules. We have been through several construction projects within the past two years, and I have always been ready to ask questions of who, where, and when, of vendors, so I can do my work of choosing products. Well, Leroy had already outlined and described the process. After checking calendars, we developed some immediate dates to start the ball rolling. Leroy was always on time, courteous and respectful, at each and every meeting.

An unexpected event happened in our lives to change the course of our remodel, and Leroy was so understanding, working with us to positively turn the project in an entirely different direction to make it a “win-win” for all of us. He even contributed to our community fundraising event to benefit homeless children.

Boren Construction is a professional, but highly personal construction company! He and his crew are a community construction company. It’s a pleasure to work with Leroy!